We support an application for the Variety Registration based on The Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act.
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Steps to register

Applicant intends to develop new varieties
Complete the application form, and collate the necessary supporting documents
Submit the application (and any other attachments)
If you need to make any corrections, we can correct the form
Publication of application
The publication will be published in the Official Gazette, and on the website of the Ministry Of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Examination (documentary examination, performance examination)
« ¨ If the registration requirements are not satisfied, the application will be rejected.
Variety Registration
  • The variety is added to the register of plant varieties
  • The variety will be published on the Official Gazette public website
  • Notification will be sent to the breeder
Breeder's rights begin
The first year's registration fee is due within 30 days of receiving
notification of your rights.
It is possible to protect your breed for either 25 or 30 years

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