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IWAI Gyoseishoshi Office
602-105 Aza-Jyowari, Oaza-Furukawa, Tsushima, Aichi, 496-0043, JAPAN
TEL: +81-567-23-4088 FAX: +81-567-25-5875
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Minoru IWAI
GYOSEISHOSHI(Administrative scrivener)

watching soccer games
Horse racing, Listening to music
Born in Yatomi City Aichi Prefecture in 1971.
Soon moved to Toyonaka, Osaka.
Spent Elementary, Junior high school, and High school in Osaka.
After graduating from High school, moved to Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture.
Commuted from Sanda to Ibaragi's university, in Osaka Prefecture for 4 years.

From 1994 to 2001
    Worked for a piping foreman and ladies fashion accessories wholesaler.
2001 Passed the exam for the GYOSEISHOSHI.
2002 Moved to Kita-ku Nagoya.
2007 Registered as a GYOSEISHOSHI.
    Opened an office in Tsushima City.

Handing of Personal Information
Our office keeps our customers' information confidential and will only use/disclose it for the following purposes:

1. To send you information regarding the company.

2. Where necessary to support your registration.

3. For consultations and responding to your questions. We will keep records of
  our consultation notes.

4. Other purposes incidental to the above.

The gyoseishoshi has a duty of confidentiality imposed by law.
Personal information is never disclosed to third parties unless it is absolutely necessary.

Limitation of liability

While we take care to provide accurate information, we do not guarantee that all the content is correct.

The procedures outlined are for the general case; therefore depending on your individual circumstances the procedure may differ.
Please consult us for more information.

If you are disadvantage of using our information in case, arising loss,our office do not take care of your problem

If you use our information, you have accountable for yours.


602-105 Aza-Jyowari, Oaza-Furukawa, Tsushima, Aichi, 496-0043, JAPAN
TEL: +81-567-23-4088     FAX: +81-567-25-5875

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