We support an application for the Variety Registration based on The Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act.
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 Is your breeder's right being used by someone else?

Do you have the experience that you have been growing a new breed, but you had not registered it so somebody else used your breed and is selling it?

You cannot get the return and also lose the money which you have used capital.

If you had registered, you would have prevented loss.

If you register your breed of plant with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries:

If your new breed of plants are registered and accepted, you will have the sole right of producing and selling it.

You can also make a claim for damages against anyone who uses your breed illegally.

     We will protect you in accordance with the law.
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  Variety registration payment deadlines
If you do not pay the registration fee on time then then this will result in the loss of your rights.

If you apply directly then from the second year onwards there are no reminders regarding fees therefore it is your responsibility to pay on time.

 If you register through us then there is no danger of forgetting deadlines since we will manage them for you.

 If you would like we can send you reminders before the payment deadline to save you having to manage this.

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※If you request the variety registration application process, our fees are included in the application fees so there is no additional burden of administrative costs.

We also support applications from abroad.

 We support breeders in Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe. There is also the possibility that regions not mentioned here can also be supported.

 Overseas breeders may apply through our overseas partnership offices.

 Our main Japan office can arrange meetings with overseas customers and our overseas partnership offices.

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