We support an application for the Variety Registration based on The Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act.
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About Fee

  • Once you have formally requested us to file an application on your behalf, if the fee plus submission expenses is greater than or equal to \100,000 then 50% of this amount is due upfront.

  • After we check received money, we undertake business.
    When we finished the work and will report you please pay the money left over.

  • The payment methods accepted are bank transfer, registered mail, or payment in person.

  • The following fees are not included and will be charged separately, including compensation, stamp duty, application fee and other fees and travel expenses.

  • As a rule, transportation expenses to the value of 10“ of the application fee are included.
    For transportation expenses above this amount, the excess transportation expenses will be payable.
    ¨@For example, if the application costs 250,000 and the transport costs were 30,000 then a further 5,000 would be due, as the transport costs are 5,000 greater than 10% of the application fee (25,000).

  • The application fee is inclusive of compensation and consumption tax.

  • The application form will not be returned after submission, and an application cannot be cancelled once submitted.
About the fees for registering a new variety
Variety registration applications from overseas to Japan
¦A separate translation fee is required.
Management payment deadline and completing the registration fees
(Manage the expiration of the breeder's right)
(per year)
Application for registration of rights \21,000`
Making a contract \52,500`
Initial Fax, e-mail consultation free of charge
Further Fax, e-mail consultation \5,250
Consultation meeting at your premises (per 30 minutes)
¦Depending on the distance, transportation expenses may be
If the final fee is greater than the initial estimate then any monies paid will be allocated against this and only the balance will be due.
Further fees incurred to file a registration
Applicant fee \47,200
Registration fee (1-3 years) \6,000 per year
Registration fee (4-6 years) \9,000 per year
Registration fee (7-9 years) \18,000 per year
Registration fee (10-30 years) \36,000 per year

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